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[Android] FIFA 12 v1.6.01 APK + Data (Tested)

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FIFA 12 is almost like its big PC and console brothers, delivering one of the most immersive experiences to date with perfect controls, amazing graphics and all the authentic soccer action for true sport fans. With a variety of different gaming modes from leagues to cups and of course, quick matches, this game can be played for short or long bouts, ensuring a variety of diverse options for the player.

FIFA 2012 is a visual treat with console-like graphics. This is not a cut down version of the FIFA series but as mentioned a fully blown graphical experience with realistic player movements and ball physics. Stadiums look realistic and as do the lighting effects with lots of advertising for EA and Sony Ericsson. Music and commentary is equally as impressive as are the soccer effects from the field and the roar of the crowd. This games comes together perfectly for gameplay, graphics and audio.

If you're a soccer fanatic, then FIFA 2012 is a must have game for your collection. Even if you're not a sporting fan, there's really no excuse not to download this game. This game is best darn soccer game in the portable gaming world at the moment. 

List of supported Android devices:
- HTC Desire HD
- HTC Desire Z
- HTC Evo 3D
- HTC EVO Shift 4G
- HTC Incredible 2
- HTC Incredible S
- HTC Inspire 4G
- HTC My Touch 4G
- HTC Sensation
- HTC Thunderbolt 4G
- LG P920 Optimus 3D
- LG P920h
- LG P925
- LG P925g
- LG P929
- Motorola Droid X
- Motorola MB860 Atrix 4G
- Motorola Xoom
- Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S
- Samsung GT-i9000B Galaxy
- Samsung GT-i9000T Galaxy S
- Samsung GT-i9001 Galaxy S+
- Samsung GT-i9003 Galaxy SL
- Samsung GT-i9003L
- Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S II
- Samsung GT-i9101 Galaxy S II
- Samsung GT-i9103 Galaxy R
- Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab
- Samsung GT-P7500
- Samsung GT-P7510
- Samsung Galaxy Note
- Samsung SCH-i400 Atlas
- Sony Xperia Arc
- Sony Xperia Neo
- Sony Xperia Play
- Sony Xperia Play R800x

(In case you can't download a data part from the main link, you can download the same part from the alternative link)

+ The APK v1.3.98 was tested but it doesn't work so far. It is recommended to install the APK v1.3.87 which is fully cracked and much more stable.
+ List of tested phones:
1.Motorola Defy
2.LG P500
3.HTC Desire S
4.Samsung Tab 2 P100
5.SKY 730, 770
6. HTC Sensation
7.LG P970
8.Samsung Ace 2
9.Samsung  Galaxy S II
10.Galaxy Galaxy S I
11. Xperia P
12.Galaxy Galaxy S Captivate
13.HTC Desize HD
14. Xperia S
15. Samsung Galaxy S 3
16. HTC One X

Instructions v1.3.87:
+ Install the APK
+ Run the game, then exit
+ Use winrar to extract the data
+ Copy the extracted data to sdcard/android/data/
+ Make sure that the name of data folder is (if not, rename the data folder to the
+ Run the game again and Enjoy!

If the game is FC or anything else, try to install this apk v1.6.01 ( + data from my blog. If the data does not work, try to download new data via wifi.

Download Now
 FIFA 12 v1.6.01 APK cracked  (offline for all devices)
FIFA 12 v1.6.01 Data (Tested)
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